By Behcet Bicakci,(DipLC) Life Coach

After 15 years of education, training and experience, an art student believed he had gained good enough knowledge, skill and experience to start up his own painting business. He decided to leave academia and pursue his career as a painter.

One day, he declared his attention to his Master.
After listening to his student carefully, the Master agreed to let him go. However, he wanted to make sure if his student had good knowledge of starting up his business journey.

“OK,” said the Master. I will let you go, however before you go, I want you to do something for me.

” Of course, I will do anything you ask,” the student said.

The Master said; ” I want you to go through your paintings tonight and chose the best one in your opinion and take it to the town centre tomorrow. Hang it in the town centre and put some red paint and a brush next to it. And put a sign next to the paint states: WHEREVER YOU THINK NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED PLEASE PUT AN ‘X’ ON IT. And leave it in the town centre till the evening and then report me what happens.”

The student chose his best paint in the evening, and the next day he took it to the town centre and did what his Master asked him to do. He waited all day, and in the evening, he went to the town centre to collect his paint. When he arrived, he was shocked by people’s response. All around his paint was full of red ‘Xs’.

The student was very disappointed and felt embarrassment to report it to his Master. He took his paint and went to his Master straight away and embarrassingly told his Master that, “I thought I was ready after 15 years working, studying and having training in academia. It seems I have learned nothing.”

The Master replied to him “I know you are disappointed. However, I want you to do the same thing but with a little difference. This time I want you to paint the same painting now you have in your hand and put all colour of paints and brushes next to the paint and put a sign states: PLEASE CORRECT WHEREVER YOU THINK IT IS NECESSARY and collect it in the evening and report me again.”

The student did it again as he was asked, and in the evening when he went to collect his paint, he was amazed because no one touched his paint at all. His paint was as he left in the morning. No, any changes made. He rushed to see his Master. When he met his Master, He said: ” Master, you won’t believe it, but no one had touched my paint, and it is as I Ieft in the morning, how is it possible the same painting but different reactions.”

The Master told him: ” No matter how hard you study, educated, trained and experienced, people will always criticise you for what you do. It is easy to criticise, but difficult to correct it. When you ask people who criticise you for correcting it, they will disappear. This is a life long lesson you should learn and do what you are good at regardless of what others think.”

As stated in our story, people will criticise us for what we do, no matter how educated, skilled and experienced we are. It is essential to understand why they criticise us and whether their criticism helps us to correct and make it better.

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