Behcet Bicakci
Life Coach

Hello…I am Behcet Bicakci, Life Coach, Lawyer, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Supporting Artist. l have been in different business in last 20 years and helped many clients to reach their personal, social and financial goals. 

Despite being in different sectors I have always wanted to be a life coach to help and support people at different levels. 

I can be your personal life coach to help you achieve your goals that you desire for. I also can help with your business, finance and career if you believe you want a change, a second opinion from a professional or decide what to do next. 


  • Life Coaching and Personal Development Diploma
  • Master’s Degree (LLM) in International Trade Law
  • Law Degree (LLB)
  • Moments (Anlar) Attendance Certificate by Women’s Platform UK (WPUK) & Life Time Learning: A project how to prevent people commit suicide and get along with their life.
  • Psychological Counselling Certificate : A 12 Weeks program on psychology and counselling.


I have experience in different sector including life coaching, legal, business consultancy, health sector, food (franchising business), international trade, agriculture, commodities, transferring oil, automotive and textile (fashion).

Life Coaching : I have always had interest in life coaching for years and last 2-3 years I have been in life coaching education including gaining Life Coaching Diploma, attending seminars, reading personal development books, listening podcasts, watching videos and finally practicing in this sector.

Legal Business : I am a qualified lawyer since 2004 and worked with different local and international law firms. Also I had my own practice for 5 years in London and my success rate was 98% over 5 years while dealing with hundreds clients. Working in legal environment has taught me dealing with challenges, recognise responsibilities, importance of deadlines, expectations of clients as well as knowing rights and responsibilities. Because of this reason, any business I do will be in according to law and regulations. I believe respecting law can protect ourselves from wrong doing and make our life easier.

Business Consultancy : While running my legal business I also set up business consultancy service on the side of my legal business. I have been a business consultant for years. I have helped many clients to set up, growing and saving their business from falling administration or bankruptcy.

Health Business : I have been in health business for years and worked with international suppliers and laboratories over years. Buying and selling health related products made me engaged with health issues, learning about customers symptoms, understanding people’s concerns when it comes to health. Also having family members (pharmacist, doctor, dentist, nurse, physiotherapist, paramedic and lab technician ) in health sector has helped me to learn more about health and its importance. Currently one of my companies is associated with one of the best American laboratory providing hormone test service. My business online hormone website (www.hormonelab.co.uk) contains valuable information about hormone testing, health in general, how to improve quality of health and life, causes of symptoms etc. Also all our blogs written by Doctors and Hormone Specialists.

Food Business : I was partner at one of franchising business -providing food and drink – in food sector in Stratford Up On Avon for over a year. Being in food business has taught me about public health, food safety and hygiene, work place safety, dealing with customers’ enquiries, complains as well as employees health and safety, responsibilities etc.

Textile (Fashion ) Business: Being in textile business and following fashion has taught me how fashion sector works, production and delivery times as well as working with designers to produce new designs. Also making connections in this sector helped me to reach manufacturing companies as well as retailers internationally.

Supporting Artist : Working with different casting agencies has given me opportunity to act as a supporting artist for major films, commercials and meeting Oscar Awarded actors. Some of these films are Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them, Bourne, Born a King, Britannia, Victoria & Abdul, Burberry Commercial etc. Also I have had opportunity to meet hundreds supporting artists from different backgrounds and make friends and connections in the film sector.

Family business: my family background comes from agriculture (cultivating plants) and we always had our own land to grown plants on seasonal base. I also have experience in commodities, automotive sector, transporting oil, international trade.

My experience in different sectors has enabled me to understand nature of businesses, clients’ expectations, deadlines, rights and responsibilities of employers, employees and customers. This help me to coach individuals as well as business people and help them to achieve what they want.


Dancing : I have been dancing over 20 years as a hobby. I was member of dance society while studying at university and also had several private dance courses. Dancing keeps me healthier, focused and active. Also I have met many people during my dance courses and had opportunity and pleasure of making friendship.

Travelling : I have always enjoyed travel internally and internationally. I have passion for travelling and so far have visited 12 countries. It is my intention to visit all around the world to meet different people from backgrounds, understanding their traditions, cultures, beliefs, lifestyle and taste their food & drinks. I have a deep respect to humankind and respect people regardless their race, origin, religion and gender. I am a huge believer of “together is better and our differences are our wealth”.

Walking : I really enjoy walk in parks, by the sea, rivers, lakes or in nature. Walking helps me to relax as well as enjoy listening my audio books or podcast on the go. I believe walking is necessary for mental health as well as physical health. A 30 minutes walk in a day makes me happier, motivated, healthier and focused.

Reading / Listening /Watching : I have always had interest in reading books and magazines especially about psychology, philosophy, self-development, health and novels. Since technology advances, now I have opportunity to listen audio books while I am travelling or commuting or walking in a park. Also there are many educational programs, documentaries to watch and learn from. There are lots of books, podcasts and videos for free or paid. Keep reading, listening and watching programs enables me to improve my knowledge, understanding and interpret better. Nowadays it is easier to reach knowledge, educate and re-educate ourselves. I believe self development is one of the best way to improve quality of our life as well as our relations.