About You

Every client has their own need, and they require different level attention of a Life Coach. It is essential to clarify that; Life Coaching is not about problem-solving only but motivating client for achieving their goal. Therefore a client doesn't need to have an issue to see a Life Coach.


Life Coaching starts with basics and improves step by step. It is crucial to identify what/why you need a Life Coach for because of this reason, I have classified Life Coaching in three different levels.

Level 1:

You are not happy with your life and feel something is missing, or you believe you have got concerns about your wellbeing, finance, relationship etc. See any following description applies to you:

  • You feel you need changes in your life but don’t know how and where to start.

  • You have always been in financial difficulties, and your bank account/credit card balance has been in negative for years.

  • You see other people you know, and they are doing much better than you do in their life, love, career etc. You think you can do much better because you are smarter, well educated, experienced etc. but somehow you are not able to do it.

  • You want to reach your potential in life but something holding you back.

  • You feel you are ambitious and passionate about life but don’t know where to start to change your life for better.

  • You have always attracted girlfriend/boyfriend but never settled. You are being tired to ending a relationship and start another one.

  • You think people are using you but scared to resist them.

  • You are always delaying to start something or leave it halfway.

  • You are not able to finish tasks and keep them in your mind, which make you feel tired and fed up.

  • You are not able to organise yourself properly and unable to keep up with tasks which causing you difficulties in your daily, family or work life.

  • You want to settle but not sure if you really want to or you are sending wrong signals to potential candidates.

  • Sometimes you don’t want to talk to anyone or share anything being negative about life in general when you haven’t got a good reason.


Level 2:

You are happy with your daily life, social and business experience but feeling it can be better and want to take it at a different level such as;

  • You think you can be more creative but is not motivated to do it.

  • You are starting something new, so it brings your life something different but has a lack of motivation to start up.

  • Take your career to the next level or want to change it but worried about losing opportunities and facilities you have got.

  • You intend to change your car, house or investment but not sure if it might put you in a difficult situation financially.

  • Thinking of starting work from home but not sure if you can do it.

  • Working smarter but not harder so you can save time for daily, family and social activities.

  • Starting up another job or setting up a new business that allows you to carry on with your current career so that you can make more money.


This level of clients hasn’t got issues or problems to solve, but they want something more meaningful, having a better life, more time for their loved once and themselves etc.


Level 3:

You are happy with your life but want to do something you have never done before such as:

  • Help others without having any expectation, such as setting up or work for a charity.

  • You have a fortune and want to pass it to a person or organisation to be used for a good cause.

  • You have time and money and want to do something useful for humanity.

  • Making a big difference for people you know or community you belong to.

  • Investing or encouraging to protect animals and nature to make the world a better place.


This level of clients have achieved many things in their lives, and now they want to help others or to do something for a good cause.