Choosing the right life coach is essential. There might be hundreds of life coach around or on the web; however only one of them can help you. To find the right one, you should look for the following qualities:


You must know what you want to discuss with a life coach who you intend to work with. If you are not clear about what you want, see if the life coach can help. The more you are clear about what you want, the easier for life coach focus on your issue. Please try to be specific as much as you can. Avoid going details of your problems or things bothering you. You need to focus on the most important one or two issues that are bothering you the most. After starting to work with a life coach and you are happy with their methods then you can work with them for other issues that you want to fix.

Don’t forget you need patiently walk step by step!!

Choosing A Coach, You Need

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of coaches providing their service to clients. You do not need hundreds of coaches but only the one you need.

You might hear about coaches word of mouth, search on the internet, seeing their ads etc. It does not matter how you find them, but it matters how you can get the maximum benefit from them. The best way to gain some information about a life coach is to read their website/blogs, listening to their podcasts, watching their videos if they have one or obtaining information from someone that has already worked with them.

Once you did some research and convinced yourself about a life coach, then contact them and arrange a meeting. Most life coaches providing 15 minutes or 30 minutes or 60 minutes free consultation face to face meeting, on the phone or Skype video conference.

During your meeting with a life coach, you should observe if the life coach is:

  • Interested in what you are talking about,
  • Helping you to identify the issue/problem,
  • Listening to you with care and giving their full attention,
  • Giving you enough time to express yourself,
  • Focused on what you are talking about,
  • Telling you if they can help and what is their method to help.

The Best Life Coach

The best life coach is the one that can help you to overcome your issues and difficulties. Because of this reason, you should look the one you can get on and gain the maximum benefit from but not the famous one with multi awards, written several books etc.

Refusing Coaching

In some cases, the life coach might not be able to work/help you because of various reasons such as:

  • You or the life coach might experience communication issues, and either of you believes it will not be a good idea to work together. In this case, the life coach either will tell you that they cannot work with you or refer you to another life coach that he/she thinks might be more suitable.
  • You might need a psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor attention rather than a life coach. Especially if you have a history of physical or mental health issues, being on medication etc. Because of this reason, please be frank with the life coach and mention if you have a history of physical or mental health issues or on any medication which will help the life coach to decide whether he/she can help you or not. If not, he/she might be able to point you the right direction and refer you to the right person.

Please do not be offended if a life coach refuses to work with you. You shouldn’t forget life coaches are professionals and they have to act the best interest of their clients. Therefore, if they refuse to work with you, it is because they believe they cannot help you and it will be a waste of time and money.

As a client, you are also at liberty of refusing to work with a life coach if you feel it is a mismatch of personality or you do not trust them, try another coach.

It is essential that you and your life coach like and trust each other and willing to work together.

My Approach

My coaching approach is ‘client need focused’ approach. Therefore, I prepare a program according to the client’s needs and work around this program. My program focuses on the client’s issues, needs, goals and personality. During the program, the client will find out that it might be challenging, difficult, but rewarding. I do not hesitate to tell the truth about the client’s ideas, behaviours, habits etc. if they are wrong or unrealistic. It is my job to make the client gets the result they want.


Paying a life coach is an investment in yourself. Working with a right life coach can transform your life and enable you to gain useful techniques, habits and to develop a personality which can lead you a successful life.

Life coaches are charging in according to their client’s need and attention. Each client has different requirements for attention and care. 

I charge my clients on the program base. Each program has different sessions of work. Therefore a client might request a session or ten sessions it will depend on their needs.

Giving Advice

A life coach will not give you any advice on what to do with your life. Life coaches help you to unlock your talent, which will lead you to make your own decisions and creating a life you desire for.

Does It worth?

You must believe in Coaching before you start working with a life coach. Life coaching can transform your life for the better; therefore, you should feel optimistic, excited and engaged with the idea of working with a life coach of your own choice.

Coaching is a serious business, and a life coach is as important as other professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, teachers etc. Coaching requires lots of reading, research, talent, experience, attending courses, seminars and commitments. Although Coaching is a serious business, it can also be fun, entertaining, enlightening, opening the mind and changing a life.

You are going to invest your time and money in Coaching, therefore, it is essential you take it seriously as well as enjoy and gaining maximum benefit from it.