By Behcet Bicakci, Life Coach

Overwhelmingly positive self-image might cause issues in an individual’s life because people who have VERY high self-esteem think they are always right and telling people their opinions but do not listen others. They think they are very attractive, smart, everything they do is right and assume everyone else thinks so too.

Overwhelmingly positive self-image can cause communication, social and family problems because individuals think they are the best and know better than others. Especially, this attitude can cause more serious problems in a family, as family members are usually feel and think they are equal to each others and want to be counted equal. For example; let’s assume in a modern family the wife is high self-esteemed and she thinks she is always right, and her opinions are better than her husband’s and her opinions should be accepted all the time. However, when or If the husband does not accept or disagree with her opinions, this can cause arguments and fights which can lead a separation and finally a divorce.

Furthermore, high self-esteemed people might experience difficulties with their social life and friends also. Because they always think they are right and better than others. Friends and social circles are usually feeling they are equal to each other therefore if they keep thinking they are always right and expect their opinions are accepted by their friends and social circle then they might be rejected by these people. By the time high self-esteemed people will lose their friends and people in their social circle. This can cause them being less supported, less socialised, having no friends or people to talk with which can end them up with being lonely, experiencing anxiety and depression in the end.  

As Philosopher Jim Rohn says: ‘small things begin the process’.  Underestimating people and ignoring their opinion and rights will end up high self-esteemed people nowhere other than being alone and unsuccessful in their personal, family and business life.

To prevent family, friends, work problems, loneliness, anxiety, depression and mental health issues we need to check our opinions and know our rights as well as accept and respect others’ opinions and rights. To achieve this, we regularly need to educate and re-educate ourselves by reading self-development books, magazines, watching videos, listening podcasts, attending seminars to improve quality of our knowledge, experience and keep our self-development at high level.

Also, it is possible that a person cannot achieve above qualities despite making effort. In this case it would be the best to contact a life coach and gain help and support from their life coach before things are getting wrong and worse in their life. Everyone has right and responsibilities to do right things, having a better and happy life.

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