My Approach

My approach is simple and effective. I listen to my clients carefully, assessing their situation, explain how we can progress, what we can achieve and how long it might take. I am honest and transparent with my clients. If I can help them I tell how I can help and if I cannot help, I tell them straight away and explain why I cannot help. 

I run a free initial session with all of my clients to see if we can work together. Once we start working together, I prepare the client for meetings and asking them to do certain things before sessions; such as writing down what problems or area of their life they want to focus on, thinking about what they want to achieve etc.

My clients and I are keeping records of each session, so we know how we are progressing and if we need to adjust and change our approach or method. 

I usually start with standard ten sessions depending on the client's needs. I believe ten sessions gives me enough time to assess the client's situation, focus on the solution and gain the desired result. During these ten sessions, I ask the client to give me feedback as much as they can, such as what they feel, think or experience. I put this ten-sessions in practice as follows:

First 3 Sessions: focusing on clarity. Listening to the client and understand the root and cause of the problem or the area they want to improve. 

Second 3 Sessions: focusing on knowledge and educating, explaining how it can be corrected and what needs to be done during the coaching process. 

Third 3 Sessions: focusing on action, helping and guiding the client to develop self-confidence, new habits and giving up on wrongdoings and habits. 

Last Session: focusing on revising. What have been done, achieved and whether the client is satisfied with the service or not. 

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