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Book Review: Reinventing Your Life and Feel Great Again

The book is about self-development and how we can be a better version of ourselves.

It touches difficulties, problems, obstacles and challanges of the most important subjects in our lives: personal, romantic, family, social and business life.

The authors connect individual's challenges, problems and obstacles with childhood. Therefore, if you are experiencing troubles in your life, making wrong decisions in your romantic relationships, falling out with friends, changing career and failing businesses etc. It might be because of your past, and you keep repeating the same mistakes as you did in the past, especially in your childhood.

For example; in your childhood, you were interested in art, painting, or singing or dancing; however, your family or society wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer or similar career. You have a successful career according to your family and society's expectations, but you are not happy with it. Many people change their jobs after many years because they are not satisfied and never wanted it. According to the authors, this happens because of your past which shadows, your present and future. If you want a change or a better life, then you need to travel in your past.

The authors are psychologists and run a clinic; therefore, they give lots of examples from their clients and their own experience and observations. This help reader understands better both in theory and practice. These examples also help readers implement the knowledge in their lives.

The book requires you to practice after reading each chapter. You might need to find a quiet place to use your imagination and travel in your childhood and try to find reasons, similarities and experiences and comparing them with your current situation.

In your romantic relationships, if you keep falling in love with similar women or men and your relationships keep failing because of similar reasons, it might be because of your past. For example, if you have high chemistry and fall in love with a vulnerable woman in need, or insecure, this might be because you had to look after your mother or family member who was ill and needed you all the time. Your current interest of women come from your habit of past.

When you observe your feelings towards another person, you will find out why you are attracted.

The book gives a different view to look at obstacles in your life and how to fix it. You might need to write a letter or a note to your parents, boss etc. telling them how you feel about the pain they caused you. You will also need to close your eyes a lot and remember your past while reading it. Time to time, you might feel bad, negative and disappointment about your past and remember events. This will help you to understand the current situation you experience and deal with it.

The book encourages you to take action and change your life by put knowledge in practice and learn from experience and examples presented in the book.

A great book if you are not happy with your current situation and looking for a change or a better life.

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