• Behcet Bicakci

The Importance of Me Time

By Behcet Bicakci, Life Coach (DipLC)

We usually tend to help others and spend most of our time making others happy. When we help others, we feel happy about ourselves. However, when we spend most of our energy and time for others and not having enough time for ourselves, our energy drains, and by the time we do not have the energy for ourselves as well as others. We start to feel bored, unhappy, less communicative and exhausted, both emotionally and mentally.

How can we be happy for ourselves as well as for others? Since happiness is the source of our energy, we need to learn to be happy with ourselves. We need to love ourselves and create enough time for energising our body and mind by treating ourselves with right actions: 1- Spending more time with nature When we are in nature, we feel relaxed and energised. For example, spending time in the countryside, at parks, by the sea or rivers will help us to clear our mind and get rid of toxic feelings such as stress and anxiety. It also true that when we walk in nature with barefoot, we let negative feelings, emotions and thoughts leave our body. Some sportspersons sleep on the floor the night before their competition day, so their body connects with earth and release all negative energy from the body. 2- Treat yourself with a bath Preparing a bath by putting a bath bomb to water and adding some essential oils for relaxation. Lighting bathroom with some candles and playing some classical music at the background can also help for having a relaxing environment. This treatment can help our body relax and release toxic feelings such as tiredness, muscle aches etc. 3- Having a break with electronics and technology Leaving our phone out of our sight, avoiding using social media, ignoring watching tv will help our body and mind get relaxed. Since phone signals can create radiation which has a massive impact on the body and mind, it is essential to keep our phone away from ourselves for certain hours of the day or certain days of the week. This simple action can help improve the quality of our physical and mental health. 4- Treating yourself If there is something you want to buy and you have been delaying for various reasons, then it might be a good time to buy it. Treating yourself reading a book, learning to play an instrument, joining a dance class or gaining a new skill can also help release stress and anxiety and re-energise us.

There is no limit of treating ourselves. Therefore the above list can be extended. The important thing is that, when we have enough time for ourselves, we can improve our knowledge, skills and emotional well being. The more we have time for ourselves, the happier we are. When we are delighted, we have energy, and when we have energy, we can spend it for ourselves and others without getting tired and bored with life. #metime #energy #happiness #nature #selfconfidence

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