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The Secret of Happiness is Simple

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

By Behcet Bicakci, Life Coach (DipLC)

What makes me happy? It is the question everyone who wants to be happy should ask themselves. If you are not able to define happiness, how possible you can be happy.

So How can we determine what makes us happy? An author called Robin Sharma define the secret of happiness as follows:

“The secret of happiness is very simple. Find out what you love to do and direct all your energy towards doing it. Once you do this, abundance flows into your life, and all your desires are filled with ease and grace.”

How can we put the secret of happiness in practice?

My advice is that finding a quiet place where you can focus and write down:

1- Your happy moments when you were a child, teenager, adult and your current time. For example, when you achieved a personal goal, completed a course, started your career or your own business, helped someone, so they reached a goal or bought something they wanted such as their first car or house etc.

2- What kind of activities make you happy such as reading, writing, sporting, entertaining, helping others, travelling, animal welfare, design, science, modelling, water, agriculture, communication, cooking, making drinks, politics, religion, technology, physics, law, psychology, transport, trade, government and so on. The more you find out about your interests, the more comfortable you become happy.

3- Who you were happy with, such as family members, friends, colleagues, a stranger you met on holiday, a speaker/author at a seminar, partner etc. Find out about their influence on you and how they made you happy.

4- What time, such as season (spring, summer, autumn, winter), year, day or night you were happy the most etc. Find out more about your mood, and when you were productive the most.

5- It is also a good idea to find out what has been preventing you from doing what you love to do. Once you find out about these obstacles such as not had enough time, did not believe if it would be successful, or your family or friends were against etc. You can eliminate these obstacles by thinking of your happiness. You are the one who is responsible for your actions and happiness; therefore, you will decide to be happy or not.

By recalling our happy memories and writing them down can help us to focus on what makes us happy and make our brain produce similar thoughts and feelings. When we experience beautiful things, our mind gets used to them and want them more. The more we think about happiness, the more we can experience it. As Robin Sharma states; “The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life”. When our thoughts are full of happy memories, then our life will be full of happiness.

For a better, happy and successful life, I specifically insist on writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences of happy moments. Because writing can help us to focus on what we want and how we can achieve it. Another good thing about writing is that anytime we have a break with writing, we can always come back and continue where we have left. Writing is essential for finding a way of happiness.

In the beginning, you might find writing a bit difficult; however, when you keep trying a few times, you will find yourself have already started your journey. Just be determined and don’t give up easily.

The next step is to link these happy memories with the present and future. For example, if you were enjoying drawing or painting when you were a child, why not start doing again now? Let’s say you were studying law, science etc. but always wanted to design clothes. Why not take some time and start doing some designs. Your new activities don’t have to be commercial. You can do things for yourself and the people you love. These are just some few examples.

Don’t forget! Quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. There are no mistakes, only lessons to learn. You shouldn’t be discouraged with the mistakes you made in the past, but taking them as lessons to learn from, and move on. If you don’t work on yourself like observing your thoughts, feelings, experiences and skills and making an effort for your happiness, you won’t get it. Happiness requires effort, determination and observation.

The secret of happiness is to do what we love to do. Doing things we love to do is a journey of self-discovery. We can be more creative, productive, successful and happy when we do something we love to do. It can be a beginning of our self-discovery as well as exploring opportunities, people and beauty of life.

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