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What is difference between Life Coaching and Psychology / Counselling?

Does life coaching significantly different from other related professions such as Psychology and Counselling ?

Yes, there are significant differences between these professions. Life coaching is about motivating and helping clients to achieve their goals in the short, medium or long term. Life coaching is specialising in changing people’s approach, mindset or behaviour that is lacking or preventing them from achieving what they want to be, have or do.

People have a choice of whether to work with life coaches or not. Therefore, it is more about if they want to change or succeed something in their life. Life coaches focus on the weaknesses and strengths of clients and help them to improve their behaviour and replace road map in their mind with a new one that enables them to achieve their goals.

Life coaches can work with different people and businesses therefore life coaches can work with wider communities and individuals.

However, psychologists and counsellors are working with people who have severe problems that require expert attention, especially something bad they have experienced or experience with. These disciplines focus on individuals’ past rather than their future decisions. They also focus on people to get back their ordinary life rather than achieve a goal in the future.

Psychology and Counselling are not suitable for businesses because they are designed for individuals. They are also not about people who want to change their career, lifestyle, loosing weight, worried about start-up or grow business etc. They are more about people’s fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.

Psychology and Counselling try people to get back to their ordinary life while life coaching tries people get out of their ordinary lives to a better one.

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