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What is Motivation?

Imagine there is a fire inside you that gives you energy. The process of your mind and emotions are the power of this energy comes within you. This energy is motivation. When you think and feel positive, the light in you gets stronger and more powerful. Therefore, you are energised and motivated, which can lead you to success and happiness. When you are drawn towards negativity, the feeling of 'lightness' can diminish, and your energy levels can decrease, meaning that you may eventually have little or no energy. This can result in feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction and demotivation in your day-to-day life.

In a nutshell, motivation is a process of your feelings and thoughts towards a goal. This goal can be positive or negative.

Motivation is a process of emotions and thoughts towards a goal. Behcet Bicakci (Life Coach)

What is Negative Motivation?

When you focus on negative thoughts and feelings, you keep attracting them, and they can become your negative motivation. Negative motivation is a process of your emotions towards a negative goal. For example, when you hate someone, your emotions become negative. You always think and feel something negative about that person. By the time the feeling of hate starts to affect your physical and mental wellbeing. When you keep practising the feeling of hate, you become a negative person towards people and life in general.

The longer you focus on negativity, the stronger negative motivation is. Emotional upsets such as anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, irritation and depression can interfere with your cognitive process. Individuals caught in these states might not be able to effectively take in information or deal with it efficiently. Powerful negative emotions magnetise attention toward their interests which prevent mind focus elsewhere. This can continuously sabotage necessary and essential tasks in hand. For example, a person goes through upsetting divorce might not be able to do well at work and might feel like all areas of their life are out of control.

What happens when you have the negative motivation?

When you experience ongoing negative emotions, you feel overwhelmed in certain situations where you are exposed to high anxiety and stress levels. Your body and mind will struggle to function properly. Therefore, you put yourself in a position that you cannot cope with challenges and obstacles in life.

Where do you end up when you have a lack of energy or no energy at all?

When you focus on negativity, it becomes your motivation which drains your energy. You might find that you are confused, unable to make decisions and find it difficult to perform typical day to day activities. You are distracted, and your focus is elsewhere. Your body and mind can't cope with it, and either you physically get sick and end up at a hospital or build up anxiety and stress which can easily lead depression and end you up with having a mental breakdown.

What Is Positive Motivation?

Positive motivation occurs in the same way as negative motivation. It is a process of our optimistic emotions and thoughts towards a positive goal. For example, when you read a book, you want to get knowledge and improve your intellectual capacity. This process is a positive motivation because you educate yourself for a positive cause.

Positive motivation is also about awareness of your emotions and thoughts and where they flow. As Tony Robbins says "energy flows where attention goes". When you think positively and act upon it, you attract positive and emotional happiness which includes: confidence, affection, enjoyment, optimism, calmness, love, relief, gratitude, serenity, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration and kindness. These emotions can interfere with our mental process and guide us to a happy and successful life.

Motivation can be driven by yourself or somebody else. For example, an employee might be motivated when they have a bonus or pay rise attached to a project they are delivering. Or, if you are a student, you might reward yourself with a holiday following your exams.

When you are satisfied and confident in all areas of your life (e.g. work, social life and friendships) everything feels possible. You will highly likely find that 'lightness' and have less stress, be more creative, productive, active in your life, and open to opportunities.

Motivation is an inside power, causing us acting and behaving in a certain way towards a negative or positive goal. This power can come from our emotions, mental process or combination of both. It is up to us how we choose to feed positive or negative emotions, whichever we opt for will reflect on our behaviours, decisions and future.

P.S -1: My next blog will be about how to motivate yourself.

P.S -2: Special thanks to Miss Lucy Mantella who contributed this blog by expressing her thoughts and helping with editing.

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