By Behcet Bicakci,(DipLC) Life Coach

A wise man said; there are two wolves on my shoulders; one of them is black, and the other one is white.

The black wolf represents evil, sadness, stress, depression, anger, fear, jealousy, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth, lack of self-discipline and living lowest of self-values.

The white wolf represents goodness, kindness, self-respect, peace, love, hope, confidence, humility, courage, gratitude, gratefulness, happiness, and living the highest values.

These two wolves are always constantly in the fight, said the wise man.

One of the listeners asked, “Which wolf wins?”

The wise man replied, “the one you feed the most.”

I believe everyone has got these two wolves on their shoulders. And it is up to us to feed black wolf with negative feelings and having a miserable, unhappy and unsuccessful life.

It is also up to us to feed the white wolf with hope, courage, confidence, and compassion to have a life we want to live.

When you find yourself in the territory of negative feelings, stress and lowest state of your values, get on back your horse and leave there. Do not allow yourself being overwhelmed and defeated. Instead, live the highest level of your values.

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