By Behcet Bicakci, Life Coach

Life coaching is helping and supporting clients to overcome a challenge, achieve their goals, rebuild their self-esteem/confidence and help them to make decisions on certain subjects so they can remove barriers that prevent them reaching their targets and aims. 

Life coaching requires listening client carefully, observe their situation (strength, weakness, progress etc.) and take good picture of their current situation that prevent them achieve what they want and where they want to end up. 

Life coaching is focusing on client’s present situation and walk with them to achieve what they want. Client’s situation can be personal, social, professional or financial. For example; losing weight, be able to save money for buying a car, be able to socialise and connect with people so they will not feel lonely.  

Life Coaching is more about helping client to develop skills and attitudes which will help them to manage their life and achieve what they want by discover themselves.  

How can a Life Coach help?

A life coach can help following areas:

• Focus and Motivation: A life coach can help a client to focus or improve their motivation to be able to reach their goals. Especially client who has lack of motivation and unable to focus on what they want can benefit from life coaching. For example, if a student is not able to focus on their study or unable to gain good result from their education, an employee who is not able to focus on their work and keep failing to finish tasks required. Or a business owner has lack of motivation to drive their business to success, OR a partner who is not able to focus on their relationship which might cause issues in the family. All these clients can gain benefit from life coaching service and increase their focus as well as motivation for a better life. 

• Interpersonal Relations:A life coach can help clients who might need support and advice on relationships such as marriage or partnership as well as improving relationship with their parents or parents with their children, work colleagues, employers etc. 

• Self-Esteem and Confidence:A life coach also can help client to develop or rebuild self-esteem and confidence. Especially if a client has had a bad experience or negative feelings of a situation. For instance, if a client newly broke up with his/her partner or divorced, a student unable to complete their course and leaving without completing, employee having issues with work manager / owner and leaving job etc.  These clients might have lack of confidence to overcome their situation and/or start up a new one.

 • Development of Physical Wellbeing:A life coach can also help a client to build up a healthier life style if they are not happy with their current situation such as over weighted, lack of physical activities, or newly recovering from illness etc. 

 • Public and Professional Image:A Life coach can also help clients who need building up confidence in public. These clients can be politicians, local councillors, representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organisations such as charities, churches etc. Life coaches can also help representatives of private businesses, companies and self-employed business persons who want to build up public image for their professions. 

 • Personal Finance or Business:A life coach can also help clients if they want to make personal and/or business financial decisions. Obviously, a life coach has to be very careful when giving advice and should know responsibilities of his/her action and do not step into trouble such as giving financial advice rather than helping client to make right decisions. 

 • Career Development:A Life coach can also help their clients to make right decision when choosing a career or change their career if they are not happy with their current one. 

It is important to clarify that a life coach cannot make decision on behalf of a client but they can help a client to make right and beneficial decisions. 

Does life coaching significantly different to other related professions?

Yes, Life coaching is about helping people to achieve a goal in short, medium and long term. Life coaching is specialising in changing people’s approach or behaviour that lacking or preventing them to achieve what they want to. People have a choice whether to work with life coaches or not. Therefore, it is more about them want to change or succeed something in their life. Life coaches focuses on weaknesses and strengths of people and help people to change their behaviour and replace road map in their mind with new one that enable them to achieve their goals. Life coaches can work with different people and businesses.

However psychology and counselling is working with people who has serious problem that require expertise attention especially something bad they have experienced or experiencing with. These disciplines focus on individuals’ past rather than future. They also focus on people to get back their ordinary life rather than achieve a goal. Psychology and Counselling is not suitable for businesses but it is more about individuals. They are also not about people who want to change their career, worried to start up business etc. They are more about people’s fear, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.

Psychology and Counselling try people get back to their ordinary life while Life Coaching tries people get out of their ordinary life to a better one.

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