By Behcet Bicakci,(DipLC) Life Coach

Loneliness is an increasing issue in our society for both men and women. However, most people would think men are stronger and they don’t feel alone. Or if men express their loneliness it might be a sign of weakness. However, a recent survey made by YouGov for Movember charity, on 2.5 million men show half of the asked men said they have two or fever friends and one in eight had none. Men’s friendliness starts from the early twenties to late middle age.

Loneliness can have effects on both physical and mental health. For example, it can be as detrimental to health as 15 cigarettes a day. It also has affect on coronary heart disease and strokes as well as the cause of depression.


  • Men should accept that they can overcome their loneliness and look for solutions;
  • Social activities such as team sports, volunteer work, attending events etc.
  • Social media which can be used for meeting up new friends,
  • Exercise can also help; such as running which has been proven to be beneficial,
  • Organising social events; such as meeting for breakfast at the weekends, birthday parties etc.
  • Start therapy; seeing a therapist or a life coach who can help boost confidence and encourage for social gatherings. Make new friends. Friendship often starts with common interests. Going places and meet people who have similar interests.

Source: Psychologies Magazine, Nov 2019 UK

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